Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#Alhamdulillah ♥

Assalamualaikum n Happy holiday ^^
Sorry bcoz not spend time much here ,
after countinue degree i'm really buzy ,
sorry >_<


' why sometime we want do something but  our parents don't allow  '
i know a soul teenagers who want to try something new ,
we never thought what effect in the future ,

can't denied , i always 'memberontak' when teenager like you,
i want do this cannot , i want do that cannot ,
until one level i feel my parents don't love me again

when i was a kid ,
i see my friend's 'lukis inai ' in their hand ,
it beautiful n i want do that too,
but . . .

until i mature now ,
i understand why my parents don't follow all i want ,
bcoz it's have reason behind it .

so my advice to all little sis and little bro ,
if you want something n your parents say NO,
please accept it bcoz you will know the reason one day,
they know what they do , and you will know why when you mature .

I always remember my father's message,
not everything we want will get on the spot ,
sometimes it take time to get it .

Have a nice day , L..V.E you from Kedah a.k.a Sakura garden 

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

LiFe at Univesity


Alhamdulillah ,  i have time today to update my blog.
i'm so excited n i miss dunia blogger .
you will feel it if your are blogger :)

malam nie cheq nak ckp pasai 'Life at Uni '
mesti semua penah rsa kan ? *20 year above
ada suka ,ada duka. am i right ?

Life at Uni are happy but sometime annoying
biasala kan kenai berbagai orang,
beza negeri, beza tmpt tinggai,
rambut ja sma hitam , tp perangai lain2 .

so dok Uni nie kena la pandai ,
pandai here mean bwk diri ,
tmbh2 kat KL !

be what you want n be yourself ,
not be what people want ,
sometime you must say NO.

Life at Uni also will make you cry ,
why ? why ? why ?

1. Bcoz you will far away from your family 

Tmbh mcm cheq nie merantau jauh gila,
teriaq or have problem just cry alone,
but i'm thankful bcoz when i need them,
they always with me , 

thank to whatsapp ,
bcoz mengeratkan kami even jauh,
jauh dimata , x bermakna dihati pun jauh :)

2. Bcoz you will have friends that have two-faced.

two-faces ? it's ghost ?
no la . in malay it 'talam dua muka'
depan kita dia baik , 
tp belakang kita ,Allah ja tau :)

3. Time group assignment 

That time you will cry ,
the main reason not bcoz have a lot assignment ,
it bcoz you will see many thing happen ,
kawan yang x buat part dia , 
yang main2 time discuss ,
yang dok buzy dating n soon ,
sedangkan due date kena htr nak dekat.

i think i have to stop here ,
sori for my broken english ,
longhat kedah yg cheq guna ,
santai okey :*

last but not less ,
create your own destination,
with your style n creativity ^^

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